We have three possibilities to participate:

a) As a company interested in energy efficiency and integration of solar thermal with a clear commitment to go further towards implementation (energy efficiency and /or solar thermal) in case of the feasibility of identified measures. Thereby two further options have to be mentioned:

1) the company is part of the assessment program and will be supported during the whole phase of an assessment and by this will provide all necessary data to the team based on a confidential agreement.

2) CEO, managers, energy managers are invited to participate in the 2-day-training in order to be well integrated in the project and to gain knowledge in the field of energy efficiency and integration of solar thermal.

b) As a trainee with good background in the field of thermal energy participating in the training program. The trainees can be employed in companies (see a) linked to energy efficiency, thermal energy, operating managers, etc. or they are external experts or energy consultants willing to perform assessments within the project and follow the whole training program supported by and integrated in the UNIDO project with national and international experts.

c) As a supplier with a link to energy efficiency and especially solar thermal energy. Suppliers are invited to send experts to the training programme as trainees following the whole training programme and performing assessments with clear target of implementations in the companies.

This is supported by the possibility to be invited as external experts within the training giving key notes on selected tasks and to establish a strong community of energy efficiency and solar thermal in Malaysia.

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