In 2014, the GEF and UNIDO approved the project on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Reductions in Targeted Sub-Sector through Energy Efficiency (EE) and Applications of Solar Thermal Systems. The objective of the project is to reduce GHG Emissions by promoting and demonstrating sector-specific EE improvements and solar thermal utilization.
Development of regulatory framework, support programmes and financial incentive mechanisms to facilitate solar thermal energy utilisation
Awareness raising and capacity building programme relating to process heating and cooling optimisation and solar thermal energy utilisation
Demonstration and scaling up of sector-specific EE and solar thermal energy utilization in targeted industrial subsectors. 2.74 mil. USD is located to fund the demo project.

Focus Area

Trainer Biodata

Who can apply for RM 400,000 fund?

We provide fund up to RM 400,000 or 20% of solar thermal system cost. This project will support the host site in terms of energy audit, provide measurement equipment, verify the engineering design and provide economic analysis review. No charge for all the provided service because all the activity is funded by GEF .
All type of industry
  1. Solar thermal can generate  hot water.
  2. Potential to pre-heat the supply water before entering heating equipment. This method can reduce fuel consumption for heating process.

  3. Potential to supply heat direct to the process. This method can reduce the thermal energy demand from heater.

Hospital & Medical Centre
  • Solar Thermal is a renewable technology to generate hot water from sun:
Case Study: Hospital Sg. Buloh, Putra Speialist Hospital Melaka, Pusat Perubatan UKM)
  • Solar thermal for cooling:
Case Study: Hospital Sandakan
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Meet the people that are going to reduce GHG emission and energy efficiently.
Sanjaya Shrestha
Sanjaya Shrestha

Industrial Development Officer/Project Manager

UNIDO HQ, Vienna

Dr Azmi Hj Idris
Dr Azmi Hj Idris

National Project Manager

Project Management Unit- UNIDO, Malaysia Energy Efficiency & Solar Thermal Application

    Marlene Sayer
    Marlene Sayer

    Project Associate

    Energy Systems and Infrastructure Division, UNIDO HQ, Vienna

      Hasimah Hasan
      Hasimah Hasan

      Assistant National Project Manager

      Project Management Unit- UNIDO, Malaysia Energy Efficiency & Solar Thermal Application

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